Annaatthe Movie Review: Rajinikanth, Nayanthara & a Weak Storyline

The time has come. It’s here! Rajinikanth’s supporters had been waiting for more than a year for him to emerge on the big screen. Annaatthe is back with a vengeance.

Fans of Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe rushed to the theatres and lit firecrackers to celebrate the film’s premiere on Thursday in Tamil Nadu and overseas.


On social media, the film has been described as a “family entertainment picture” directed by Thalaivar and as a “brother-sister emotional movie,” among other things.

Annaatthe Got a Huge Release this Diwali

Diwali celebrations this year will feature Annaatthe’s performance on November 4th. More than 1,200 screens worldwide have shown Annaatthe, a Tamil film, which is a strong indication of how popular the film has become.


It’s the first time Rajinikanth and Siruthai Siva of Viswasam and Veeram fame have worked together. Nayanthara plays the female lead in the film. Chandramukhi and Darbar are two of the movie in which she has collaborated with the actor.

Movie NameAnnaatheAnnaatthe
CastRajnikanth, Nayanthara, Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu
MusicD Imman

Meena, Khushbu Sundar, Keerthy Suresh, Jagapathi Babu, Soori, Sathyan, and others have acted in the Annaatthe.


D Imman’s music is used in Siruthai Siva’s directorial debut. The Tamil film Annaatthe Annaatthe, Saara Saara Kaatrae, and A for Annaatthe have all struck a chord with viewers. Vetri did both the cinematography and the editing of the film.

The Story & Narrative

There are several economically valuable elements in this traditional performer. Rajinikanth portrays Kaalaiyan, a loving family member, while Keerthy Suresh is featured in her role as Kaalaiyan’s younger sister. To protect his sister, he is prepared to go to any lengths. He loses his sister when he marries, and his life changes when he meets the criminal (Jagapathi Babu). The storey is about how he tries to get revenge against him.


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Film’s ability to unite siblings was on display in the first half of the film. No need for Khushbu, Meena or Satish or Suri to appear in a few jokes. Nayantara did an excellent job portraying a lawyer, although her screen time was relatively little. Rajnikanth completes the list. The performance of Keerthy Suresh was superb, yet her appeal was drained by overdone dramatisation.


Shamdar was the film in which Rajinikanth appeared. However, after a time, his delivery of words, body language, and amusing lines will all start to recur, and you’ll be able to predict what’s going to happen next.

The film includes a song by Imman, and it’s a standout. It is, however, incredibly lengthy in the second portion of the film; however, the story’s thrill begins to dwindle.


The director of the film Annathe is Siva. In this way, the Siva film annathe was made In the very first film, with Rajinikanth. Previously, Siwa had done nine pictures, and they were well-received by audiences. Siva is one of the best directors in Tamil cinema. He has a unique and high-quality style of writing. As a character, Siva sought to do something distinctive in the film. Because to Rajinikanth, Siva was not able to display her ability on film.

To Rajinikanth devotees, this is an absolute must-see.


Annathe: Trailer vs Movie

A lot of people aren’t interested in what the filmmaker has to say. You won’t be able to appreciate the picture if you don’t like overdone and melodramatic dramatisation.

Many people have been drawn to the film’s trailer and teaser because of Rajinikanth’s star power. Commercially-minded and family-friendly, the trailers have shown that the movie will appeal to a broad audience. As a result, the picture has a high level of anticipation.


Even though Annaatthe failed to impress critics and audiences alike, it remains a popular choice among Rajinikanth fans. Many fans believe that this action film starring Nayanthara and Rajinikanth would be a hit with families.

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