5 Best and Top YouTube Vanced Alternatives to Watch YouTube videos with Premium features- Download YouTube Vanced Alternatives

YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular mods for YouTube to date. YouTube Vanced complete details are available here. YouTube Vanced was one of the best modified with premium features of YouTube. YouTube Vanced latest news is available here. YouTube had recently imposed a complete and legal ban over the YouTube Vanced platform.

This is going to affect millions of users of YouTube Vanced. However, we are here going to provide you with the top and best 5 other alternatives for the YouTube Vanced. You can download the official YouTube Vanced alternatives and you can use these applications on your Android Smartphone. We are also going to enlist the Pros and Cons of these YouTube Vanced Alternatives in Today’s article. If you are also interested in downloading an alternative for the YouTube Vanced, then you are requested to read the complete article below.

YouTube Vanced ceased by Google and developers got warned by Legal Notices

Recently, the developers of the YouTube Vanced had received an official legal warning from Google Inc. about the piracy and mishandling of the YouTube Platform. As we all know that YouTube Vanced is a very Popular third-party client software of the official YouTube Application of Google. As we also know that YouTube is an Official Propriety application/ platform of Google and Google has complete rights to claim any mishandling of their platform.

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Although, no doubt the YouTube Vanced is one of the best mod software for the YouTube Platform. Not just this only, it is known for providing an ad-free user experience to the users. It also has many special features like Background audio and video playback options and many more. For this, the users don’t need to pay a single penny as YouTube Vanced is completely free and if you want to get all this from the official YouTube version then you need to pay for these features. That’s why, YouTube is facing heavy losses due to YouTube Vanced, and now the official developer team of YouTube Vanced has also confirmed that they are going to end the YouTube Vanced completely and officially. Now, you won’t be able to download any further updates of the YouTube Vanced.

5 Best and Top Alternatives of the YouTube Vanced (2022)

Now, if you are also a User of YouTube Vanced and now you are also looking for any alternatives of the YouTube Vanced for yourself then you are at the right place. Because we are going to provide you top 5 best Alternatives for the YouTube Vanced. These Applications are available for both Android and iOS Platforms. So, if you are also interested in knowing about the top and Best Alternates for the YouTube Vanced then you must consider reading the below part carefully. Here are all the top alternatives as follows-

1. YouTube Premium

Yes, the first alternate for the YouTube Vanced is using the official version of YouTube. Yes, using the official application is way safer and faster to use. The original application codes of the official YouTube application are very safe and officially developed by Google. This is one main thing that you need to pay for the Official YouTube Premium Application. In the Premium Paid version, you will get the Ad-free and Background Play enabled options.

Now, if you want to use YouTube Premium on your Devices then you need to purchase the subscription from YouTube Itself, which starts from around Rs. 129/- per month and you can use this YouTube Premium on multiple devices and you also get the free premium Subscriptions of YouTube Music also.


  • This is the Official Version of YouTube, and you can skip ads officially with this.
  • This YouTube Premium Also allows you to access the free YouTube Music application.
  • If you are using YouTube Premium, then you will also support the creators of YouTube Indirectly.


  • It is Paid Software and you need to buy a monthly membership of this YouTube Premium.
  • YouTube Premium also misses out on several features that are included in YouTube Vanced.
  • This YouTube Premium is also attached to your Google Account.

Download- https://www.youtube.com/premium

2. SkyTube

If you are looking for a YouTube Vanced alternative that will provide you with all the functionalities of YouTube Premium but for free then you can take a look at the SkyTube Application. This Application is officially launched for Android Users. This is many more similar to the Newpipe. The SkyTube is a very lightweight application and the most important part of the SkyTube Application is the Background play and ad-free experience.


  • This is a completely free and open Source Youtube Client.
  • You will get an Ad-Free Experience in the application.
  • You will also get the YouTube Player UI in the extra variant option.


  • You cant sign-in with your Google Account in the application.

Download SkyTube- https://f-droid.org/en/packages/free.rm.skytube.oss/

Download SkyTube Extra- https://github.com/SkyTubeTeam/SkyTube/releases/


Yes, you read it correctly, the name of this application is NewPipe and if you are looking for alternatives to YouTube Vanced then you can look at this NewPipe Application. This is also based on open-source Youtube Platforms. If you are also looking for the perfect application for the Premium features on Youtube then you must download the NewPipe Application.


  • This NewPipe Application is designed as Privacy Centric Application.
  • This NewPipe Application is packed with the new and latest YouTube Player.
  • You don’t need to pay a single penny for the NewPipe Application.


  • You cant sign-in with your Google Account in the application

Download- https://f-droid.org/en/packages/org.schabi.newpipe/

4.uYouPlus- YouTube Vanced Alternative for iOS

If you are looking for the perfect YouTube Vanced Alternative for iOS Devices then you can look at the uYouPlus Application. This application is specially designed for Apple devices and it provides complete YouTube Premium features to the iPhone and iPad users for free of cost. You only need to sideload this application.


  • This is the only YouTube Vanced Alternative for iOS.
  • You will see zero Ads in the Application.
  • This Application can also skip the Sponsor Segments.


  • You need to sideload this application in iOS.
  • You can notice some bugs in the application.

Download- https://github.com/qnblackcat/uYouPlus

5. Brave Browser

Now, if you don’t want to install any application for YouTube and want an ad-free experience for YouTube on your Devices then you can take a look over the Brave Browser. The special thing about this application is that the developers of the Brave Browser are the same developers of the YouTube Vanced. So, you can get the maximum features in the Brave Browser.


  • You can get an Ad-Free browsing Experience in the Brave Browser
  • You can log in with your Google Account.
  • You can use Tor and ensure your full Privacy with Brave Browser.


  • This Brave Browser also misses several features of the YouTube Vanced Application.

Download- https://brave.com/


Here in the above article, we had discussed complete information about the YouTube Vanced and also the latest news updates of the ban over the YouTube Vanced Platform. If you are also a user of the YouTube Vanced Platform then you can consider reading our above article. Not just this only, but we had also provided the complete information about the Top 5 most popular YouTube Vanced Alternatives, if you also want to get an Ad-Free Experience in YouTube then you can download these alternatives of the YouTube Vanced. We hope that you enjoyed reading the above article. Thanks for giving your precious time, if you want to ask any query then you can mention it below.

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