Free Fire OB31 Update APK+OBB download link for Android, iOS, Patch notes

Garena Free Fire OB31 Update had been released. Here in this article, Free Fire OB31 Update Patch Notes, Apk, OBB Download Available 100%. If you haven’t updated your Free Fire then you are missing a lot of fun in the game. We will provide official APK and OBB download 100% working links below. Everything you wanted to know about the latest update of Garena Free Fire is mentioned in the article. So, if you are also a Free Fire lover then you must read this article till the end.

Free Fire OB31 Update

Recently, the Garena Free Fire had released the update for the game named “Free Fire OB31 Update” on the 1st of December 2021. This is considered a major update in the Garena Free Fire. Now the game had added several new features. The new features include new modes, changes in maps and modes, the addition of new weapons, and many more changes, which we are going to discuss in the latter part of this article.


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As we know that recently Google Play Store had awarded Garena Free Fire for the most loved and downloaded game of the year. However, the game had announced this major update at the end of the year.

Free Fire OB31 Update

This time the game had also come up with the Money Heist Theme. In which you can enjoy the theme music of the game tuned with the theme music of the Money Heist Series Music. You will also get many in-game Money Heist Merchandises like the Money Heist Costume set and many more.

Free Fire OB31 Update Release Date and Time in India.

As Garena International Private Limited has released the Free Fire OB31 Update on the 1st of December 2021. During this update, the players also can’t open the game from 9:30 am IST to 5:00 pm IST. However, after the update players can actually start playing with a new season. If you love classic Bermuda mode in the Garena Free Fire then you can enjoy the game after 5 pm. But if you love the Clash Squad Mode in the Garena Free Fire then you will have to wait for 24 hours more. As with the Free Fire OB31 Update, the game had brought many changes in the Clash Squad Mode so the new season of the Clash Squad Mode will begin on the 2nd of December 2021, 5 pm IST.


Free Fire OB31 Update Patch Notes or Changelog.

As we had mentioned earlier that this Garena Free Fire OB31 Update is one of the major Updates for the game. So now let’s see what changes does this update had in reality-

Character Skill Changes


  • Generates a force field that blocks and protects 600 -800 damages from all enemies.
  • Force Field Duration: 4/4/5/5/6/6s.
  • Force Field Cooldown: 180/164/150/138/128/120s.
  • Removed: Players can fire from within the force field.
  • Removed: Movement speed increases by 5/6/7/8/9/10%.


  • Using and applying of the Medi kits in the game increases by only 5/8/12/17/23/30%.


  • Recovers 3 EP every 2.2/2/1.8/1.6/1.4/1s, up to 150/170/190/210/230/250 EP.


  • Accuracy increases by 20/23/27/32/38/45%.


  • Rescue speed increases by 10/13/16/19/22/25%.

Lone-Wolf changes

Store adjustment

  • Select weapons for the enemies.
  • Players will get a chance to choose the weapon for themselves and their enemies every two rounds.
  • One-time selected weapons have a cooldown before they can be selected again.

Map adjustment

  • Increased map size for 2v2 patches.

Rank mode

  • New Rank – Master
  • Players can go up to Master rank after achieving the Heroic in the ranked matches.

Clash Squad mode

Item request

  • Users can request multiple items.
  • Additional item requests can now be sent if the previous one was completed
  • Radio commands will now be activated when item requests are sent.

Map balancing

  • Map Changes and Positioning Changes for Academy and Mill.

Backpack limit

  • Users can no longer carry more utility grenades into the next round.
  • Additionally, they can no longer carry more utility grenades than the limit during the round.

Battle royale

FF coins

  • Adjusted the minimum amount of FF Coins to 100.
  • Coins will now appear as stacks.

Armor attachments

  • Vest Enlarger and Helmet Thickener are available in Battle Royale.
  • Vest Enlarger – Reduces the damage received on limbs by 25%.
  • Helmet Thickener – Reduces headshot damage received by 36%.

Weapon and Balance

New weapon MAC 10

  • Base Damage: 24
  • Rate of Fire: 0.09
  • Dead Silent – MAC10 comes with a pre-attached silencer.

Range adjustments

  • UMP – Effective range -5%
  • MP5 – Effective range -3%
  • Thompson – Effective range -3%
  • UZI – Effective range -5%
  • MAG-7 – Effective range -3%


  • Recoil: -10%.


  • Recoil in Machine Gun Mode: -30%.

UMP and XM8

  • Reload time: +5%.


  • Rate of fire: +5%.


  • Rate of fire: +10%.


  • Armor Penetration +20%

Weapon swap time

Adjustments are made to the time taken to swap different weapons. The time taken to swap will depend on the time of the weapon utilized.



  • Better optimization to the display of flashed targets.


Assis notification

  • Assist notifications are now available when assisting teammates on knockdowns.

Pin marker

  • The pin marker can now mark all objects, vehicles, and items in Free Fire
  • Players can double-tap the pin button to alert teammates about enemies nearby.


  • Added a setting to turn on Free Look only while parachuting and driving.

Sprint options

  • Drag and tap can now be combined in sprinting settings.


  • Guild leaders can now set a minimum Clash Squad rank for applicants.
  • Players will now receive Gloo Walls automatically in Training Grounds’ combat zone.
  • Hardcore mode is now supported in custom rooms.
  • Players can now add aliases for their friends.

Free Fire OB31 Update APK and OBB Download

As if you have the Previous Version of the Garena Free Fire then you should definitely update it from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. This will cost you less data (About 450Mbs) and you can also retain your game data, by this method. And if you want to install the game fully manual by downloading the official APK and OBB file then you should definitely look for the download links of these files given on our page, For this, You will need to download the APK File and OBB File separately.

Free Fire OB31 Update APK Download
Free Fire OB31 Update OBBDownload
Official WebsiteClick Here

Free Fire Free Fire OB31 Update- Steps to Update the game 

You can actually update the Free Fire in two methods which are listed below-


Method 1- From Google PlayStore or Apple AppStore

This is the easiest and the official method to update your Garena Free Fire, You simply go to the respective App Store or Play Store and open my Games and Apps or open the Garena Free Fire. Now tap on the Update option.


Method 2- Manually install the Free Fire OB31 Update.

If you want to install the Garena Free Fire OB31 Update manually then you will need to follow the steps given below-


Step 1– Download Both the APK and OBB Files for the Free Fire OB31 Update from our website.

Step 2– Now install the Garena Free Fire on your mobile phone.


Step 3– On successfully installing the APK file. Locate the Downloaded OBB Folder.

Step 4– Cut the OBB File and go to the Android Folder in the storage.


Step 5– Now open the OBB folder and paste the OBB File in the “com.dts.freefireth”

Now you can enjoy the Free Fire OB31 Update on your devices.



When is the Garena Free Fire OB31 Update released?

The Garena Free Fire OB31 Update was released on the 1st of December 2021.


What is the Difference Between Free Fire and Free Fire Max?

The Garena Free Fire max is an upgraded and toned-up version of the Garena Free Fire, although the games of the Garena Free fire and Free Fire Max run smoothly in the same Sever.


What is the Total Update Size of the Free Fire OB31 Update?

The Free Fire OB31 Update size is expected to behave a size of 450 MBs.


Can I use redeem codes in Free Fire OB31 Update?

Yes, you can use redeem codes in the Free Fire OB31 Update. We will soon update the latest Redeem code.



Here in this article, we had discussed the Garena Free Fire OB31 Update. This update was released recently for the game. The Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous games on the internet. We had discussed the features and updated patch notes of the game in this article. For more such information related to the Free Fire stay tuned to our website.

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