How To Port Airtel To Jio 2021

Here today in this article, we are going to tell you how to port Airtel to Jio. We are also going to discuss how to port Airtel Jio offline and how to port Airtel to Jio without sending SMS. Many people use e-sim nowadays so we are also going to tell that how to Port Airtel to Jio e-Sim. In this article, we are going to provide complete information about changing your network operator. So, if you are also planning to change your number or sim from Airtel to Jio then you are requested to read the complete article till the end.

Why Port Airtel SIM to Jio or Other Network

There must be a question in your mind that why everyone is suggesting and porting their Airtel SIM card or Airtel numbers to other Telecom networks. So, here is the answer that recently the Bharti Airtel had announced an increase of about 30% in their regular prepaid plans.


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Now the minimum recharge to keep an Airtel number active is rupees 100. While the minimum recharge for a 28-day validity pack in other networks costs around 70 rupees, this clearly shows how the increased rates of Bharti Airtel telecommunications going to affect the common man’s life. Therefore everyone is suggesting to put the Airtel SIM to some other network.

How To Port Airtel To Jio

How to port Airtel to Reliance Jio

If you are also an Airtel customer and you are disturbed because of this increased plan prices and you are also planning to port your number to Reliance Jio then don’t worry as you will just need to follow the steps given below-

Step 1- Send SMS to your network operator in the given format- PORT to 1900. You will need to send an SMS from your existing number.

Port Airtel To Jio

Step 2-You will soon receive a UPC code in your mobile number with a valid expiry date.

Step 3-Now you will need to visit your nearest Jio Store or Jio authorized retailer with the 6-digit UPC code. 


Step 4-You will need to verify your identity so you will be asked to present your Aadhar card or any other identity proof for sim card port or MNP.

Step 5-Your mobile number or sim card will be ported within 3 working days after the successful validation of the UPC code.


How to Port E-Sim Card to Reliance Jio?

If you are using iPhone or a Samsung Phone then you must be familiar with the e-sim cards. These are virtual sim cards digitally installed on your device. If you are also using an Airtel e-sim card then don’t worry.

Because you also need to follow the same above steps to port your number. However, after porting your number to Reliance Jio, you will be issued a hardware Sim card that needs to be activated and after that, you can enjoy your Reliance Jio e-sim.


Terms and conditions for MNP sim OR card porting 

If you are also planning to port your number or sim card then you will need to keep some points in your mind before requesting the MNP to your operator. As there are some terms and conditions fixed by the network operators for the users that are as follows-

  • The user needs to clear all their previous dues with his current operator.
  • The SIM card porting will take at least 3 working days after the successful validation of the UPC code. However, for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, it will take up to 15 working days
  • You will not be allowed to carry forward any left balance of your present Telecom operator.
  • Before porting your number, you will need to make sure that you had stayed at least 90 days in your present mobile network.
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Which is the best network to port from Airtel?


At present time we would like to recommend you to use the Reliance Jio network that offers the most affordable and value-for-money packs to its users.

What is the duration to Port a number Reliance Jio?


The network operators require a time duration of at least 3 working days to Port any number to Reliance Jio, however for the state of Jammu and Kashmir it may take up to 15 days.

What are the things that I will need for porting my number to Jio?


You will need a UPC code from your network operator and valid identity proof to Port your number Reliance Jio.

What are the charges to put my sim card?


If you are a post-paid user of a network then you will not need to pay any charges but prepaid users are needed to pay Rs. 50- Rs.100 as network porting charges.


If you are an Airtel user and you are also worried about the increased plan prices of the network. Then you should put your number to other networks. In this article, we had provided a full guide to port your number to Reliance Jio. We had provided a step-by-step guide to port a number to Reliance Jio. For more tech-related updates you are requested to stay tuned with our website. 


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