Pros and Cons of Creating Multiple Fantasy Cricket Teams

Fantasy Cricket games don’t need any introduction today, as these have garnered quite a bit of fanfare over the last few years. Considering the wide-scale popularity of Cricket as a game in the Indian subcontinent, these fantasy games played online through apps, such as FirstGames, have witnessed rapid growth and adoption. 

Unlike real-time Cricket, a Fantasy Cricket game allows the user to create multiple teams to ascertain his/her chances of success. While this is definitively rewarding, it’s not immune to certain disadvantages too. In this article, we will focus on the pros and cons of creating multiple Fantasy Cricket teams. Let’s get started. 


Multiple Fantasy Cricket Teams – Overview  

As the name suggests, users can create multiple fantasy teams per match through their Fantasy Cricket apps. That said, there is a restriction. Most Fantasy Cricket apps don’t allow more than 20 Fantasy teams to be created per match. And on the other hand, users need to invest in creating each fantasy team. And splurging money away is not wise. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the pros of creating multiple fantasy teams. 


Pros – Elevates Your Chances of Success 

Fantasy Cricket games are skill-based games. Even though they are deemed a source of entertainment, it takes fine gaming and decision-making skills to get there, stay there and stand tall with big wins. 

Users might put their best foot forward in terms of venue, pitch and other research and set their dream Fantasy Cricket team forward; there is a chance that a few players might not perform as expected. While some of the batsmen may return early from the ground, some bowlers may fail to showcase their magic. 


At this juncture, having multiple teams helps users to carve different team structures and strategies. Even if one team fails to perform as expected, there is still hope left with the other teams. Even if the user’s fav squad does not turn out to be a charmer on the field, the other team’s success may compensate for the loss. 

As per the Fantasy Cricket Game’s rules, the more a user invests, the higher level he/she can reach in the Fantasy games. By creating multiple teams and investing more in certain teams, the users stand a chance to win great bonus points. While the game wins may yield better monetary rewards, the bonus rewards also don’t hurt. Users can leverage these bonuses to better structure their upcoming teams wisely. 


Cons – If You Are Not Strategic, You May Lose It All 

Fantasy Cricket Games, especially played on Paytm FirstGames, are popular among newbies as well as veterans. While Fantasy Cricket veterans will have more experience in successfully navigating multiple teams, newbies may come up short. 

As covered earlier in the article, Fantasy Cricket is a game of skills, patience, perseverance, and consistency. Newbies may lack in some or all of the above spheres, and this makes managing multiple fantasy teams even more difficult for them. Thus, newbies are suggested to gain a grip on the game with ample practice and then only are suggested to try their skills with multiple teams. 


Another con of having multiple fantasy teams is the lack of bandwidth. The user has to be invested in the games – both in terms of monetary resources and time. Lack of any one or both of these may further complicate managing multiple fantasy teams. And the losses are just going to pile up to upset the user further. 

If the user is not dedicated towards the Fantasy Cricket Games or is struggling with a half-hearted focus in some of the games, again, the losses are going to pile up. 


Wrapping Up 

Like any other game – fantasy or otherwise like any other game strategy, creating multiple Fantasy teams has its own set of pros and cons. However, the pro or con depends on the user and his/her Fantasy Cricket Game skills and acumen. 

Paytm FirstGames can be your ultimate Fantasy Cricket app for building winning Cricket teams, navigating multiple fantasy teams and grabbing great rewards too. This Fantasy Cricket app promotes fair play policy-enabled responsible gaming. Users can leverage this easy-to-use gaming app and collect their rewards instantly through secure infrastructures.


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