File Name Gather Proxy
Latest Version
Author Discordia Limited
Size 1.78 MB
License Free
Requirments Windows 2000
Updated on January 17, 2022 (2 years ago)
Telegram Mod APK v8.4.2 (Premium Lite/Optimized) Download

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Gather Proxy is a fantastic service that helps users obtain proxy servers. This tool allows one to get all the information based on the level, country, time, and many other things. Yes, it’s an easy tool that is pretty handy to coordinate. 

An average user can also operate this fantastic tool. Using this tool won’t face any lag or systemic issues. Yes, it does not leave any traces in the Windows registry. As a user, you can copy all these data from one place to another.

You can get all the proxy-related data and others with a straightforward layout for free. All these things are unique that will ensure a significant presence. You can trust this mechanism, which will surely deliver you the best working perfection by adding technical items.

What is Gather Proxy?

You’re reading this article, that means you have a primary idea on the Proxy. Yes, it’s a service that deals with the IP changing protocol with some related technicalities. This will help you in getting an all-around technical presence.

Using this platform, one will get all the information using that country’s IP with any stages or others. This will help you get the best technical presence with some productive performances.

You need to download Gather Proxy for free on your system. It’s a direct access software that does not require any registration. So, use this specific software to provide you with all working perfection.

Gather Proxy
Gather Proxy

Technical Specificities of Gather Proxy Server

Gather Proxy comes with all the technical specificities. This will help you in getting all the needed perfections with others. So, this needs to download Gather Proxy for free; all these things will help you get the best technical presence over here.

Harvest Thousands of Services or Websites

With Gather Proxy, one will harvest thousands of services or websites. If you want to get all the incredible presence and technical things, then download it for free on your system without any issues.

This does not need any cookie permission; all these things are adorable, which will surely help you get an all-around technical presence over here.

High Quality and Real-Time Access to all the Sites

So, use this specific software to ensure all the needed technical things. As a user, you’ll get all the responsive and real-time access. It’ll help you in getting an all-around technical presence.

Yes, all these things come with all real-time access. As a user, you can coordinate all the necessary settings for free.

No Data Leak and Best Technical Ingredients

Using Gather Proxy will get all the no data to leak technical things. So, this will help you in getting all the fabulous presence. This will help you in getting all the fantastic performances over here.

All these technical ingredients will bring all the needed working perfection. So, ensure all these productive technical properties with this specific version.

Choose the IP and Access to any Proxy.

If you like to choose the IP and access any proxy, this specific platform will also help you get the needed presence. You can pick any of those listed IPs that will help you access any sites as a user.

Yes, these things are super adorable to ensure the best quality presence. So, get ready to download to get all the fantastic or working facts.

Firewall Protection without Cookies Access

With this fantastic platform, one will get all the firewall protection with all the conservative things. So, you can get all secure and firewall-protected technical things. Just understand all the basic needs of this platform.

It’s damn amazing to adopt and act according to this. These things are unique and will surely provide you with highly secure and cookie-free environments.

System Requirements of Gather Proxy

Gather Proxy comes with all the productive and technical things. So, this will help you in getting a great appearance.

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7/8, or 10,
  • RAM: 1GB minimum
  • GHz 1.2 Frequency required,
  • The device needs a 1024×768 resolution. It’ll help you in bringing the best technical things.
  • A free space of 300 MB is required over here.
Gather Proxy
Gather Proxy

What’s New with Gather Proxy Version?

Gather Proxy comes with some needed or efficient technical things. All these things will ensure all the necessary and bug-free specialized ingredients;

  • Get all bug-free technical properties,
  • Smoother and Faster connectivity,
  • Copy and paste the contents of the “Crack” and “Patch” folders,
  • One can’t access it with an antivirus.

How to Activate Gather Proxy for Free on your System?

You can activate Gather Proxy for free; this needs to follow up on some required steps. It’ll help you in getting Gather Proxy downloaded on your system. 

  • Firstly, you need to have the latest version of Gather Proxy,
  • After the downloading, open the Zip File with WinRAR,
  • With any uninstalling application, please uninstall the old version of Gather Proxy,
  • The program should be installed significantly,
  • Now, explore this version and get all the specified technical things!


Q: Will I Get an Instant Access to Gather Proxy for Free?

=> Yes, you’ll get instant access to Gather Proxy by using our free version.

Q: Can I Get Bug Free Performances with this Specific Version?

=> One will get this specific platform without any bugs. This will help you by encoding all the best things or significant technical properties.

Q: Will I Get to Use this Version with all Windows Versions?

=> Yes, you can use this specific version of Gather Proxy with all the Windows versions.


Gather Proxy is an excellent proxy with all the needed technical ingredients. This will help you in bringing all the needed perfection of working. So, you can surely use this Gather Proxy on your system without any issues.

Just use this version to add all the best website access. Reach us with any of your desired queries, and Thanks for reading!

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