Tim Hortons Just Opened In India And The Menu is so different from Canada’s

Canadian QSR major Tim Hortons makes its Debut in India by Opening its first franchise in Delhi with a whole Desi Menu on the Platter. If you are also a Coffee Lover and you also love to explore cafes around, then you will definitely like the all-new Tim Hortons in India. Tim Hortons is a major Coffee shop chain brand in Canada, and you can co-relate this like the Starbucks Coffee Chain Shop. This is good news for Indians as you people can now enjoy the Tim Hortons Café’s coffee in India now. Not just this, but also the whole Menu of this International Coffee Shop Brand is also different from Canada’s Menu.

Tim Hortons Just Opened In India

Tim Hortons Makes Its India Debut, to rival Starbucks and Costa Coffee

Tim Hortons is a popular Canadian Coffee Chain; this brand has just entered in Indian Market. The official Launch of this famous Coffee Chain Brand was on Raksha Bandhan when the brand has opened its first two stores in India.  The brand looks very aggressive in competing with the other popular coffee shop brands like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. If you are also a Coffee lover and you also prefer coffee brands like Starbucks and Costa Coffee then you need to try out this new Coffee Brand in India, which is Tim Hortons.


Currently, Tim Hortons is open at two major Locations in India, those are located at Citywalk Mall in New Delhi, and the other one located at the DLF CyberHub in Gurgaon. If you reside in the places nearby the above locations, then you can go to these places and enjoy the all-new Tim Hortons Coffee Brand. This major brand has come up with a whole new and changed menu set for India. As the Indian Menu of Tim Hortons is very different and changed from the Canadian menu, this Indian menu includes Indian Desi Food Items as well.

If you are still unaware of the Tim Hortons Coffee Brand, then you need to know that Tim Hortons is one of the largest QSR operators in Canada. To open their retail outlets in India, this Tim Hortons has Partnered with the AG Café, which is another joint venture company owned by the Apparel Group and Gateway Partners. So, basically, you can conclude that Tim Hortons India is totally owned by the Apparel Group and Gateway Partners.


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As we have seen earlier also that how this Canadian Coffee and baker Café chain Tim Hortons has made its debut in India. Now, before entering into the Indian Market Tim Hortons Café Shop franchise rights were sold to the AG Café. So, along with India, AG Café holds rights to the Tim Hortons Café chain in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.


Now, after making a Debut in the Indian Market, Tim Hortons appointed the former CEO of Starbucks India, who is Navin Gurnaney. Originally, AG Café Appointed him last year to lead Tim Hortons in India. Now, Tim Hortons is presently planning to expand its fleet in India by opening 250 Café outlets in India in the next five-six years. This is going to be a cut-throat competition among Tim Hortons and other coffee retailers in the Market like Starbucks India, Barista, and Costa coffee.

Tim Hortons India Menu

This is an interesting turn for Tim Hortons India to change their whole menu card specifically for the Indians. As we all know that Indian Food is always different and better than foreign land foods. Although, unlike others, Tim Hortons also lead their Menu card with several necessary changes. This is easily seen in the two major and only outlets of Tim Hortons India. If you are also planning to visit the Tim Hortons India Café with your Friends and Family in Delhi’s Select Citywalk Mall(Saket) or in DLF Cyberhub(Gurugram) then you will find a completely changed Menu Card in the Café.


At this time Tim Hortons along with their Masterpiece Coffee, they have included the best Indian food for their Indian Customers, which includes–

Chicken or Mushroom Makhani Ravioli Pasta

Chicken Tikka Croissant Sandwich   


Lamb Kabab Wrap

Pita Bread with Hummus

Chicken or Mushroom Quiche

As an assortment of Sliders    

Chole Kulcha Flatbread

Scrambled Eggs on Toast    

Chilli Cheese Toast

Breakfast Pancakes

Kadak and Ginger Chai

Along with all the above, Tim Hortons Indian Café outlets include Double Double, Vanilla Iced Capp, French Vanilla Latte, The chocolate dip Donut, Maple Dip Donut, and Classic Boston Cream.



So, in the above article, we have discussed everything about Tim Hortons and Tim Hortons Indian Menu Card. If you are also a coffee lover and you also love a variety of coffee and snacks from the coffee outlets like Starbucks and Costa Coffee then can also try out the Coffee and snacks variety of this Canadian Coffee Brand, which is Tim Hortons. As we had also given you complete details about the Tim Hortons Indian Debut and their complete information. Not just this only, but we had also given you a completely customized Menu card of the Tim Hortons, which will give you an idea about the snacks and food variety available in the Tim Hortons Café outlets. So, if you have any queries related to this then you can ask us in the below comment box. However, if you enjoyed reading this article then keep following us on our official website for such educational and informative content.

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