Pokémon Rom Hacks List

Hello, Gamers!! If you are also a Pokémon Lover and you also love to play the GBA Pokémon Games on your modern-day devices then Today’s article is definitely for you. Here we are going to enlist all the Pokémon Rom Hacks available for you. If you are also interested in the Pokémon ROM Hacks and you also want to download the Pokémon ROM Hacks, then you are at the right place. Not just this only, but we are also going to tell you everything about the Pokémon GBA ROM Hacks and the complete edition of the game. If you are looking for the installation of GBA Rom Files then also we are going to tell you everything related to this in our article. So, if you are also interested in knowing about the Pokémon Roms then you are requested to read the complete article below.

Pokémon GBA ROM

As many of you are Pokémon fans right here. So, you people must remember the Pokémon games of a decade ago, which were based on Nintendo or any gaming console like the GBA; popularly known as the Game Boy Advance. If you also love Pokémon and you are also interested in playing the open-world Pokémon adventure games, then you can play these games easily.

Pokemon ROM Hacks

Yes, you read it correctly you can play all the Pokémon Game Boy Advance Gaming Consoles games to recall your childhood memories in today’s time also. You can even play these GBA Games on your Modern-day smartphones and PC devices, you just need to download the Pokémon GBA Rom File. Once you download the Pokémon GBA Advance Rom File, you can easily play the game on your preferred device with the help of an emulator.

Download: Pokémon Games ROM Hack


Pokémon GBA ROM Hacks

Now, we hope that you have got an idea about the Pokémon GBA ROM files and about the Pokémon Game Rom File. So, now if you are also interested in knowing about the Pokémon GBA ROM Hacks or How to hack Pokémon GBA Games then you need to download the official Hacks of these Pokémon GBA. If you are interested in downloading and playing the Pokémon GBA Hack Games then you need to follow us on our official website, as we keep providing the latest GBA Hacks and Rom Files of the Pokémon games on our websites. So, You can find a number of Pokémon ROM Files on our website for free.

You will get a number of benefits and advantages in the Pokémon GBA Rom Hacked Files, as you can enjoy certain features such as.

  • Unlocked all Seven Gyms
  • Full Complete Main Story
  • Has Legendary Pokémon
  • All Pokémon Leagues Included
  • Unlimited Pokémon Slots
  • All Pokémon Unlocked

Complete Pokémon ROM Hack List

Now, you people might be thinking that which Pokémon ROM hacks are available and which you should download. So, you people don’t need to worry about it because we are here to help you out Here, we are going to mention each and every complete Pokémon Rom Hacks list the below—

S.No.ROM Hack NameROM Base
1Pokemon Adventure Red ChapterFireRed
2Pokemon Cloud WhiteFireRed
3Pokemon Mega PowerEmerald
4Pokemon CAWPSEmerald
5Pokemon Blazed GlazedEmerald
6Pokemon Mega Emerald X and Y EditionEmerald
7Pokemon League of LegendsEmerald
8Pokemon Advanced AdventureLeafGreen
9Pokemon Flora SkyEmerald
10Pokemon Resolute VersionEmerald
11Pokemon VegaFireRed
12Pokemon OutlawFireRed
13Pokemon CloverFireRed
14Pokemon Light PlatinumRuby
15Pokemon Victory FireEmerald
16Pokemon Gaia V3FireRed
17Pokemon FuliginFireRed
18Pokemon Ruby Destiny | Rescue RangersRuby
19Pokemon Ruby Destiny | Reign of LegendsRuby
20Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds CollideFireRed
21Pokemon Dark Rising 2FireRed
22Pokemon Dark Rising/Kaizo VersionFireRed
23Pokemon Orange IslandsFireRed
24Pokemon FireRed Rocket EditionFireRed
25Pokemon Rocket StrikeFireRed

Pokémon ROM Hacks – GBA Emulator

GBA Emulator is one of the best emulators for playing Gameboy Advance Exclusive Games on your Mobile Devices. Here in our article, we also provided the direct download links of the GBA Emulators for both Android and PC, You can download the emulator, and then after you can play the GBA ROM Files on your PC and Android.


Pokémon Light Platinum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Emulator for playing Pokémon on Mobile Phone?


If you are also interested in playing Pokémon Games and you are also a fan of the Pokémon Game Boy Advance Console Games, then you need to download the GBA Emulator Available free for both PC and Mobile Devices.

Can I Play Pokémon ROM Hacks on my laptop using a GBA Emulator?


Yeah, you can definitely play the Pokémon GBA ROM Hack Games on your Laptop using GBA Emulator, you only need to download the latest version of the GBA Emulator on your PC/laptop thereafter can enjoy your game.

What is the best Pokémon Game for playing?


If you are a Pokémon Lover and you want to play the game in your GBA Emulator then you can consider playing Pokémon Light Platinum Game.


In the above, we had given you complete information about Pokémon ROM Hack Lists. If you are also a Pokémon Lover and you also want to play the Game Boy Advance Pokémon games on your Modern Day devices then you must read the above article completely. We had briefed you about Pokémon ROM Hack Lists. Not just this only, we had also provided you with a complete Game list of the Pokémon ROM Hack Lists. We hope that this article will be helpful for you. For More informative and technical topics-related content, Keep following us on our official website.


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