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Hello Pokémon Game lovers, here we are back again with another interesting topic related to the Pokémon universe. Yes, if you are also a Pokémon Fan and you are also interested in knowing about the Pokémon Games then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss everything about the Pokémon Games. We are going to provide you with 100% working hacked Roms for GBA Emulators. We will let you know how to play Pokémon games on your Mobile phones.

Pokémon Games Free Download Available Here

If you love playing Pokémon Games then you will love this article, here we are going to explain to you everything related to the Pokémon Games. As you people will know that the developers of the Pokémon Game had developed a number of Pokémon games in the past decades, while the Pokémon Universe is on a great trend. At that time, the Pokémon games will be playable on the Game Boy consoles. These Game Boy Consoles are special playable video game consoles similar to the PSP consoles.


But nowadays, people are using modern Android and iOS devices. So, today we will let you know how you can play and enjoy the Pokémon Games on your devices. Here, we will also provide you modded or hacked ROMs for the Pokémon games for free. We will provide you with a custom website where you can rely upon the Pokémon games.

Pokémon ROM Hacks- Overview

There are a number of Pokémon Games available on the internet for Pokémon fans and people love to play these games still today. These ROMs are modified and customized by some of third party developers. This is also known as the hacked version of the original Pokémon games. At some point in time, people love to play Pokémon games on the Game Boy gaming Consoles.


Most of these modified games are tweaked versions of the original Pokémon Game. You can easily find these games over the internet and we are also providing you free Pokémon Rom Hacks on our website here. These Pokémon games are developed to enhance the user experience and enhance the gameplay of the users.

Nowadays, every Pokémon Fans are enjoying the retro classic Pokémon Games on their modern-day smartphones, if you also love the Pokémon Universe then you might have known all the retro seasons of Pokémon. So, you can play these games in the emulator. These emulators are designed to open and execute the GBA or the Game Boy Advance Rom File.

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Game version1.22
Last UpdateFebruary 2022
Supporting OSAndroid & Windows OS
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Official Download Link (GBA Rom Link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwOlICu7Wx59aUVuN0pqX2diaGs/view?resourcekey=0-LotOvn_EK1YwILCzDEZ9sg

Pokémon ROM Hacks- Download 100% Working

Pokémon ROM Hacks are free available in a very popular among Pokémon fans all around the world and people love to play these Pokémon Game Roms in the GBA Emulator or Game Boy Advance Emulator. Pokémon ROM Hacks are freely available on the internet and if you really want to download free hacks then you can consider our website.

You can check out our website, we had provided a 100% working and direct Google Drive download link on our website. We had a good collection of Pokémon Game Roms. You can play the Pokémon games on your smartphone or even on your PC. We had provided numerous Pokémon Rom Hacks on our website.


Pokémon ROM Hacks – Features and Benefits

If you are also a Pokémon Fan then you might have heard about the Pokémon Rom Games for the Gameboy Advance Consoles, if you want to play these games on your PC and mobile phones then you can consider reading our article. If you download and play Pokémon games from our website then you will definitely get a number of benefits and features, in which some of the features and benefits are listed as-

  • You can download and install the Pokémon Rom Games directly from our website, which allows you a free download link and free google drive download link.
  • You can install and play these games easily in the GBA or Game Boy Advance Emulators, we had provided a 100% working download link for these emulators also.
  • These all Pokémon Rom Games are modded and modified so, you can play these open-world Pokémon Rom Games freely on your mobile phones. You can start playing the game from the place you wanted to play in the game.
  • You can also purchase free Pokémon in these games, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort as there were several developers in the game who modded the game.
  • These games were very lightweight and you don’t need high-end devices to play these Pokémon Rom Games.

Pokémon Rom Games System Requirements (For Both Mobile & PC)

If you also want to install the Pokémon Rom Games on your mobile and PC devices then you must check the minimum system requirements of your devices from the below.


Minimum System Requirements For Android Devices

  1. The Device must have a GBA or Game Boy Advance Emulator Installed in it.

You can go for the best GBA Emulator for Android which is My Boy! Free- GBA Emulator.

Link- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fastemulator.gbafree&hl=en_IN&gl=US

  • The Device must have an Operating System of Minimum Android 8.1+.
  • The device must need to have a decent-performing processor for moderate usage.
  • The device must have a minimum RAM of 2 GB.
  • The device must need to have free storage of 1 GB.

Minimum System Requirement For PC/ Windows Devices

  1. The PC first needs to have a GBA or Game Boy Advance Emulator installed in the PC.

You can download any of the GBA Emulators Available on the internet. But we recommend you to use the mGBA Emulator.

Link- https://mgba.io/

  • The PC or Computer must have a basic operating system minimum of Windows 7+.
  • The PC must have a decent performing processor, minimum Intel Pentium 4th gen.
  • The Device Must have a minimum RAM of 4 GB.
  • The PC Must have a free space of 2 GB.

Pokémon Light Platinum- GBA Emulator

GBA Emulator is one of the best emulators for playing Gameboy Advance Exclusive Games on your Mobile Devices. Here in our article, we had also provided the direct download links of the GBA Emulators for both Android and PC, You can download the emulator, and then after you can play the GBA ROM Files on your PC and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Where can I download the Pokémon Rom Games?

You can download Free Pokémon Rom Games from our website, we are providing free Pokémon games ROMs with their hacked versions on our website.


Can I download Pokémon Light Platinum for free?

Yes, you can definitely download Pokémon Light Platinum from our website, we had provided both hacked ROMs and Original ROM for the users.

Which is the best GBA emulator for Android Devices?

If you want to play Pokémon Rom Games on your Android Devices then you can consider the My Boy! Free GBA Emulator application. In the above, we had provided the official Google Play Store Download.



In this article, we had briefed you on the complete information about the Pokémon Rom Games, if you are looking for the Pokémon Rom Hacks then also you are at the correct place. You will need to read this article thoroughly. If you are a Pokémon fan and you also enjoy playing Pokémon Games then this article will be going to be helpful to you. We had also provided 100% working download links for the GBA Emulators for both Mobile and PC Devices. If you enjoyed reading this article and you want more such topics then keep following us on our website.

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