JioGames APK Download – Join Beta Tester in Cloud Gaming Community

Reliance Jio has just announced its own Cloud Gaming Platform. After making the Grand Debut in the 5G Telecom Industry, Today this Telecom Giant has launched their JioGamesCloud Beta Version out for Public Testing and Release.

If you are also a Gamer and you are also interested in Cloud Gaming then you are at the right place. As you know Cloud Gaming is the future of the Gaming Industry. Here you will get the complete information about the JioGames Apk download. If you are also eager to know how to sign up and play games in the JioGamesCloud Gaming Services then you need to read the full Article.


After JioGamesCloud Went live over the Internet People who are using Jio 5G services and also people who are Jio Internet Users are awaiting to avail of this Cloud Gaming Facility. Currently, Jio hasn’t announced the Pricing of their JioGames as it’s in Beta Testing Phase Right Now. So, if you are also a Gamer and want to play Cloud Games for Free then you can look at JioGames.

JioGames Beta APK Free Download

As of now, After Rolling out the 5G internet Services in major Indian Cities, the company has shown its expansion interest in the Online Cloud Gaming Industry. Every gaming Company knows that India has a Very huge Market for Cloud Gaming and Every Company Wants to grab its hold Over this market. Today, Jio has taken a lead in this Market by announcing the beta release of their Most awaited JioGamesCloud Services.


This JioGamesCloud platform was announced by Reliance Jio at its AGM three years back. This Indian Cloud Gaming initiative aims to provide a range of Games to be played online. Basically, now you don’t Have to Waste Lots of money in buying a Gaming Phone or Gaming PC, you even don’t need to Download Huge Games on your device to fill up your Storage. All you need is a Device and a Good High-Speed Internet Connectivity and You can Play GTA V On your Mobile Device. JioGamesCloud is aiming to provide all genres of games or all categories of Games inside this Platform from AAA Titles to Casual Jio Games.

How to Sign-Up for JioGamesCloud?

Now, the most important thing comes over here as Jio has announced the Beta Testing of this Popular gaming platform and everyone wants to try this Cloud Gaming in the First Phase itself. But Few Things You need to know Before you actually download and test the JioGamesCloud. This is the Beta release and initial build of the JioGamesCloud, so the official Public Release is Still yet to happen, which is expected in 2023 after the complete rollout of the 5G all over India. Now, still there are users who want to try this out, for those first you need to sign-up for this JioGamesCloud BETA test on the official Website of the JioGamesCloud.


If you are also an interested gamer, who wants to sign up for the JioGamesCloud Beta Testing to test out various Games from different categories in the Cloud Gaming Platform then you need to follow the below-given steps-

Step 1- You will need to visit the official website of JioGamesCloud.Link-


Step 2- You need to Click/ tap on the ‘Get Started’ Tab on the Homepage of the JioGamesCloud itself.

Step 3- Then it will ask you to select your Device among the Smartphone/ PC-Desktop/ Set-Top Box. Choose your Preferred Device to Continue.


Step 4- Afterwards a New Tab Will open up a Screen where you need to verify as a Jio Customer by entering your Phone Number.

Step 5-Once you Enter your Phone Number you will receive an OTP. You need to Enter the OTP on the Page to continue


Step 6- After Verification you will be logged in to your JioGamesCloud. Now you are all set to play Cloud Games on JioGamesCloud.

Note- You don’t need to Download the Games or any File, you only need to Log in to the JioGamesCloud.


JioGames Cloud System Requirements

As this JioGamesCloud is a Cloud Based Gaming Service, hence you don’t need any specific system Requirements But you definitely need Good and Stable Internet Connectivity (Most Preferable Wired) and the Second Requirement is a Good Device Such as a Desktop/ Laptop/ Mobile Device/Tab/ Smart TV/ Jio Set-Top Box. Yes, you can even access JioGamesCloud and play High-End Games in your Jio Set-Top Box also.

Other Than That, if you are using a 4G service or a Jio Fiber Internet connection then you are required to use a Wired Connection such as LAN to get Stable Network bandwidth and if you are using Wi-Fi then you are suggested to use 5 GHz Band Wi-Fi.


JioGamesCloud- Games List

Currently, Jio has released the JioGamesCloud Platform as a Beta version. Henceforth, there are only 50+ Games available on the platform. But Jio is all set to put a wide variety of games over this emerging Cloud Gaming Platform. Jio has already announced that they are adding a big range of games to this platform, from AAA Titles to casual Jio games, you will Find Everything inside this JioGamesCloud.

  • Saints Row IV
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance
  • Beholder
  • Deliver Us The Moon
  • Flashback
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (controller-only)
  • Steel Rats
  • Victor Vran
  • Blacksad: Under the Skin
  • Garfield Kart Furious Racing
  • Saints Row: The Third

Frequently Asked Questions-

Is JioGamesCloud Free?

Currently, the JioGamesCloud is on Beta Release, and it’s Free for Everyone. So, for now, the JioGamesCloud is free. But in the future Reliance Jio will announce the Pricing of this platform as per the demand and the usage of the user.


What are the requirements to play games on JioGamesCloud?

There are no requirements as such to play games on the JioGamesCloud, All you need is a Good Internet Connection and a Device or a Smart TV or a Set-Top Box. If you are using a 4G network then you are advised to use a Wired Connection such as LAN to avoid any disruption.

How to Download Games on JioGamesCloud?

You don’t need to Download Any Games from JioGamesCloud because it is completely a Cloud Gaming Platform and you can play all your favorite AAA titles Without Downloading the game.



In this particular Blog, we have discussed about an Emerging Cloud Gaming Platform i.e.; JioGamesCloud, this is an initiative by Jio to promote Cloud Gaming in India. Not Everyone can afford to buy a High-End Gaming PC or Gaming Phone, that’s why people can enjoy their favorite AAA gaming titles like Call of Duty- MW 2, GTA V, Forza Horizon 5, and Red Redemption 2 over the Cloud. If you are also a Gamer and you also love to play games in your idle time then you will definitely like to play games over this JioGamesCloud Platform. You can even enroll in the Beta Testing of the JioGamesCloud by following the above-given Methods. For More Such Informative and Interesting Blogs Stay Tuned With Our Website.

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