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Sometimes it is challenging to spend your free time. In these situations, movies and TV shows come in handy. But the problem is where to watch these movies. Many platforms like Netflix and Amazon are charging high rates for their services.

In this situation, we have brought you a fantastic app called Momix Apk. The best thing about this application is that it has all the features you need to watch your favorite movies, and they don’t cost anything.


This article will share some information on this application and its features. This information will help you decide whether you want to download it.

Momix Apk

Momix is an entertainment application that offers free movie content to its users. It was released in 2022 by the Mets Nove developers. It has over ten thousand downloads on the Google Play Store with a 3.8-star rating, which makes this app reliable and proves its popularity among users.


There are many other platforms like Netflix, Amazon, Disney, etc., but they charge their customers for their services. However, the Momix Apk has similar features as these apps and still doesn’t cost a single penny.

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Momix Apk Info

Momix Apk
NameMomix Apk
DeveloperMeta Nova
Size15 Mb
Last Update4 Day Ago

The Features of the Momix Apk

The Momix App has multiple benefits which you can have. They will provide you with every tool you might need to watch your movie or TV shows peacefully. The features of this app are a significant reason for its popularity. One of the features you can use in this application is mentioned below:

#1 Extensive Collection of Movies & TV Shows

This application has one of the most extensive libraries of movies and TV shows in its category. It covers all the movie makes studios, including Bollywood, Hollywood, and Netflix. And it also has almost every TV show released on Netflix.


The Momix Apk keeps adding newly released movies to its collection so everyone can get up-to-date and get their favorite content on time.

Momix Apk

#2 Easy-to-Use Interface

The developers have ensured the user finds the app easy to use. And they have made its interface very easy to operate. You can click on any movie, and it will start playing; it will require no additional changes.


Sign-in is also pretty simple. It would be best if you put in your login username and password. Your sign-in account will show you all your favorite movies, TV shows, and the content you have watched recently.

Momix Apk

#3 Multi-Language

The movie and TV shows released in multiple languages are available in Momix Apk. In the video player of Momix, you will see a language-changing icon. All the known languages of the movie or episode you watch will be shown.


With multiple languages, there are captions available in this app too. For all movies and TV shows, English subtitles are available.

Momix Apk

#4 Video Player

The Momix comes with a video player. Saves you from downloading a separate application for watching your downloaded movies. You can click on the film in the app, and the video player will start running automatically.


This player is entirely functional and has all the necessary controls. You can rewind or move forward your video, stop and play it and change the video quality from the same player.

#5 HD Video Quality

All the videos in this application are of high video quality. As some popular streaming applications have started charging customers for high resolution, the Momix Apk does it for free for every movie and episode.


You can also choose your video quality preference according to your phone’s display. The qualities available range from 144p to 4K video qualities. We recommend selecting the high-video quality option for a better experience.

#6 Free Content

This feature is more of a benefit that the user gets. No one likes to pay to watch their favorite movies or TV show on their phone, and Momix understands this. That’s why they are providing all of their content for free.


You can watch any content available in this app without paying anything. Even all the video qualities are also free to stream. You will not be charged for any service or watching content here.

#7 Screen Casting

The fun of watching a movie gets better when you are streaming it on big screens. Even though the Momix app is not available for PCs or Android TVs, the app has a feature called screen casting.


With screencasting, you can directly share your mobile screen with your TV screen. Just click on the screencast option on the app and connect with your TV. The movie running on your phone will display on your TV.

How to Use Momix App?

As mentioned before, this application is effortless to use and operate. Any person with minimal information can watch any content on this app. Still, to make it easy for you, we have listed a few steps you can follow to use this app. Follow the steps below, and you will be watching your movie in no time.

  • First, download the Momix App from the Google Play Store.
  • Once the app is installed, you can access all its content for free.
  • We also recommend signing up, so all your watching history is safe.
  • Search for the movie or TV show you want to watch.
  • Once you click on the thumbnail, your streaming will start immediately.

Momix Apk Alternatives

The Momix app supports Android phones over version 5. So if, for any reason, this app is not working on your device. Or you want to try an alternative to this application. We have mentioned a list of similar apps you can use. Although these apps might be different

In-Interface Than the Momix

  • EuroPixHD
  • Fmovies
  • BobMovies
  • ViewSter
  • Hulu


Finding a perfect streaming app can be very difficult. But the Momix Apk could be the best application in this category. It has all the services you will need in your entertainment software. We highly recommend you use this application once and share it with friends.

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