PM-WANI – Free Wi-Fi Yojana (Apply Online, Benefits, Guide)

PM Shri Narendra Modi was the one who initiated the Prime Minister’s WiFi Access Network – PM Wani Yojana ) initiative. The government will offer Wi-Fi services to all public places through this scheme. This service will be provided free of cost. With PM-WANI Yojana, there will be a huge revolution in WiFi access in the country. This scheme will also give a boost to the business. The PM Vani Yojana will increase job opportunities.

The digital India plan, which we started previously, will be boosted by this wifi scheme. WiFi connectivity will be significantly improved across the country, which will have a direct effect on our lives. The information indicates that the central government will set up around 1,000,000 data centers to strengthen this scheme. We have provided all details about the Free WiFi Yojna and PM WANI Yojana registration. Applicants can read the entire article for more information.


Free Wi-Fi Voice Scheme (PM-WANI Yojana)

For the successful implementation, public data centers across India will be open. There will not be any licensing fees or registration fees. This Wi-Fi voice plan is a historic scheme. This scheme will allow small shopkeepers to have WiFi access. Their income will increase. This scheme will ensure that they have an internet connection at all times.

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Cabinet approval of the Wi-Fi PM access network Scheme

The Wi-Fi PM access network protocol interface scheme was approved by the Union Cabinet. Services from BhartiAirtel, Reliance Jio or any other Internet Service Provider (ISP) are available to businesses.


Businesses can provide Wi-Fi networks to others in their vicinity by using their physical location. Officially, the Union Cabinet headed Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, approved the DoT proposal for a public Wi Fi network to be created by Public Data Office Aggregators PDOAs.

PDOAA will provide Wi-Fi service to the public through Public Data Offices, (PDOs), located all over the country. This will help accelerate the expansion of broadband internet services via public Wi-Fi networks throughout the country.


There will be more jobs created by the proliferation of Wi-Fi networks. It will not only create jobs, but it will also increase disposable income for small and medium-sized business owners and boost the country’s GDP.

Expenses of device Installation

The DMC will pay 4720 rupees for 5000 routers to provide better connectivity in the capital. Small shops can now have better internet access by using these routers. These routers, which will have a total of 5000 units, will be distributed in 272 wards.


Benefits and Features of PM-WANI Yojana

  • PM Wani Yojana will provide Wi-Fi in all public areas of the country.
  • This scheme is also known by the Prime Minister’s WiFi Access Network Initiative.
  • Within PM-WANI Yojana, Wi-Fi is free.
  • This scheme will promote the business and increase income.
  • The PM Wani Scheme will increase job opportunities.
  • To implement the scheme, public data centers across the country will be open.
  • To open a public data centre, there will not be any application fee or registration fee.
  • The Union Cabinet approved the scheme on December 9, 2020.
  • PM Wani (Vani) Yojana will ensure a constant internet connection.
  • To open public data offices, all service providers must register with the Communications Department.

Apply Online PM-WANI Yojana Application Form 2021

The information states that applicants and users who use the free wifi services won’t need to register because they will have to fill out DOT online under the official portal, Candidates must apply through the online process. These registrations are completed in 7 days. The scheme also allows users to access the internet via the public data center. This is a huge step in the digitalization process of the country. People can connect to the online government services and save time.

PM-WANI Yojana Objectives

  • Because of its free WiFi facility, this scheme will be directly beneficial to a single citizen.
  • This scheme will also allow the government to establish data centers that provide another benefit.
  • This scheme will also help to increase the local business level
  • It is a significant step towards Digital India that has been taken by our central government
  • The Telecom Department was allocated by the Union Cabinet to all parts of the country under this scheme.
  • The registration process is quick and easy. It can be completed in 7 days.
  • Registering for a scheme is easy with the app. Anyone can follow the online process to register.
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